The MarketSpice Collection Gift Basket

Included: MarketSpice Cinnamon-Orange 24ct Teabag Box, Northwest Breakfast 24ct Teabag Box, Market Chai Tea 4oz Ribbon PackTrue Vanilla Redbush 10-Teabag PackStrawberries & Cream White 10-Teabag PackHuckleberry 10-Teabag PackEmperor's Green 10-Teabag Pack, Ready-to-Drink Cinnamon Orange Iced TeaMarketSpice Cinnamon-Orange Hot Chocolate Tin, Huckleberry Honey 5oz Jar, MarketSpice Cinnamon-Orange Honey 5oz Jar, Peppermint Breathmint Tin, Licorice Breathmint Tin, Seattle Rain Pillar Candle, Huckleberry Travel Candle, MarketSpice Cinnamon-Orange 6oz Cookie Package, Seafood Seasoning 3-Pack, Sunset in Seattle (Herbal) 3oz Ribbon Pack, MarketSpice Apothecary Candle, Teabag Squeezer, Mesh Teaspoon, Steak Seasoning 7oz Shaker Jar, Vegetable Chip Dip 2oz Package, Quick & Easy BBQ 1.5oz Package and Spiced Cider Mix 4oz Package

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These cookies do not contain nuts but are baked in a facility where nuts are used in other products.


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