Essential Spice Gift Basket

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We've chosen a group of spices that is perfect for the start up" cook or someone that has just moved and needs to start over with fresh spices. Also great to have a set in your camper or summer home. Perfect housewarming gift or for a "first holiday in a new house gift"!

Included: All items bottled in clear plastic jars with white lids. 1 oz Whole Basil, 1/3 oz Whole Bayleaves, 3 oz Cayenne 25 SHU, 1 1/2 oz Ground Saigon Cinnamon, 1 1/2 oz Game Hen Blend, 5 oz Steak Seasoning, 5 oz Granulated Garlic, 5 oz Granulated Onion, 3 oz Medium Black Pepper, 7 oz Himalayan Pink Salt, 3 oz Mild Chili Powder and 3 oz Healthy Heart Blend, Salt-Free.