Summers Best Drink is Iced Tea!

Summers Best Drink is Iced Tea!

The summer is flying by quickly but we still have plenty of warm weather left to enjoy iced tea! Before you reach for that sugary soda, consider a healthier but delicious, refreshing option. Iced tea is a great beverage to fuel summertime fun.  It’s an easily prepared, inexpensive drink to serve at family barbeques or just to keep on hand for daily enjoyment! For you avid iced tea drinkers that continue drinking throughout the winter, we have great news! Our iced tea packs are available year-round!

MarketSpice Iced Tea packs contain six jumbo tea bags. Each tea bag is capable of brewing a full two-quart pitcher of tea. We offer a variety of flavors including Cranberry-Mint, Passionfruit, Pomegranate Splash, Mango Berry, Peaches and Coconut, and of course, our Marketspice Signature Cinnamon-Orange. Our Cinnamon-Orange, Pomegranate Splash and Peaches & Coconut all placed first through third place respectively in the flavored iced tea categories at the North American Tea Championship in recent years!

Those familiar with our Signature Marketspice Cinnamon-Orange tea might be surprised to find the flavor changes slightly when iced. The orange stands out as the dominant flavor while the cinnamon compliments. Our signature blend also has a natural sweetness without artificial sweeteners. Perfect if you’re watching calories or need to avoid sugar!

Consider cold brewing some iced tea this weekend. This method is the easiest way to prepare this beverage. Simply let one jumbo sized tea bag sit in a quart and a half of cold water over night. We suggest at least eight hours. Then add a half-quart of ice before serving and enjoy! (Or keep refrigerated and just add ice to each glass as needed.)

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